Friday, October 12, 2007

Starting Out

I have too much stuff. My cabinets are stuffed. My kitchen counters have stuff that lives permanently on top of them, since I have too much stuff to put away. I have too many clothes to fit into my dresser and the overflow is piled on the top of the dresser. I have bins of extra clothes stored away. I have piles of books sitting in bankers boxes and on the floor in the corner of my living room. I keep far too many of our financial and household records. I usually have to struggle to find items and records that I need.

I want my life to be more organized. I want to gain control over my stuff. Most of all I want to get rid of much of it. I’ve started this blog to help me in this process.

I will sometimes discuss personal finance, since stuff costs money as does storing the stuff. I will often discuss my attempts at becoming more organized as that is a key aspect of my problem. But most of all, I want keep a record of my getting rid of my unnecessary stuff. Everyday I pledge to get rid of at least one thing, one piece of stuff. Most days I hope to get rid of much more.

10/12/07—I threw out a bulky, ugly orange, salad spinner that did not spin all that well.

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