Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tit for Tat

A colleague at work gave me a present today of a nice silk scarf she brought back from a trip to the far East. It will go nicely with a camel-hair coat I own, and so I'll be keeping the scarf. Of course, I felt duty bound to discard another scarf in its place. I went through a bag of hats, scarfs and gloves that I keep in our front closet and wound up discarding one scarf and four hats (do I really need two wool black berets---nope). Not a lot of decluttering, but at least I didn't add any additional stuff.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Church Sale

There is a Catholic Church on my block that is having a flea market this weekend. Last Sunday I went through the apartment and pulled out all sorts of things to give them for their sale. I focused on the kitchen and in the process pulled out all my pots and pans and organized them neatly in the cabinets. They had, over the years, been put backed haphazardly after being used and were a messy pile. I wound up giving away to the church sale:
7 books
Toothbrush Sanitizer (an unused present)
CD Rack
4 pots and pans
1 milk pitcher (I still have 2 left and I usually just pour milk from the carton)
1 mug- never used
1 T-shirt- new
4 letter tray- new
1 Pyrex casserole dish
1 spring cake pan
1 never-used digital camera (1.2 pixels)

Today I noticed the several bottles of good wine I had sitting on top of out book shelves. They were mostly Mouton Cadet had been given to me over the years by the firm I worked at. I have had them for between six and twelve years without ever having opened them. I brought seven bottles over to the church. A productive decluttering week.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Getting Back to Blogging

One of my issues is clutter and cyberspace does not need another deserted blog, so I am resuming this blog. Soon after my last entry my modem crapped out, and it took a week to get a new one. Then inertia and procrastination took over, and I kept putting off returning to the blog, which is odd since I actually enjoy writing it. Anyway I'm going to give another shot at keeping this going.

When I last wrote I discussed socks, specifically the large trash bag I had that was full of socks and pantyhose I don't currently wear. I did go through the bag and threw out or gave away about twenty pairs of socks of various types that I decided I would never wear. So continuing with the Clever Dude challenge I set myself back in October I have now gotten rid of 78 items of clothing, and still have 54 to go.

There is a church on my block that is having a flea market this weekend. So this past Sunday I looked around our apartment to see what I could donate. I was pretty pleased by what I managed to get rid of. I gave them 7 books, an unopened toothbrush sanitizer ( a present), 1 cd rack, 4 pots and pans, 1 milk pitcher, a new mug, a new T-shirt, 4 still wrapped inbox trays, 1 casserole dish, 1 spring cake pan, and one never used Olympus digital camera (1.2 pixels) still in its box with the software and instruction books.

Oh, with the donated T-shirt, that make 53 items of clothing to go in my clothing challenge.