Sunday, October 14, 2007

My old computer is now stuff??

I'm writing this entry at 11:15 PM, because I had to wait until I got back to New York City. The old computer I use upstate, bought back in 1998, seems to have fully conked out. The CD drive has been broken for years, so no new or updated software could be loaded, but it could still connect to the web via dial-up at an arthritic 31,900 baud speed. Today it could still connect to my web provider, but then could not even load Google or Yahoo. Nada. I assume that the some minor upgrade has made my ancient browser totally useless. So now I have another piece of useless junk in my upstate house. I'll have to see if I can attach a flash drive to it and download a few needed files, if not I can use floppies, since my "new" machine is old enough to have a floppy drive. Then I have to see if the main recycling place in my upstate county will accept it as junk.

I got a rid of few more items today, still the easy stuff. I will have to see how I am about discarding nice and useful stuff, that I don't use. I have two large 13 x 9 Pyrex baking dishes. One is certainly enough for me. If I am serious about this destuffing (really should be a word) program, that is the type of suff I need to get rid of. Yesterday, I found a community resale shop upstate that will be a good place to donate stuff like that.

10/14/2007--Got rid of one stained t-shirt, one torn turtleneck ( I had another in the same color), one stained cookie sheet, and six books.

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