Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Clothing Challenge Continued

This challenge is harder for me than I thought it would be. About a month before I started this blog I had a garage sale and put out over a hundred clothing items to sell. Some sold, but most didn't and what's left is stored in large garbage bags. I already have bought two of the bags to the Salvation Army and to a local clothing pantry. I'm still keeping a couple of bags as I may have another sale, before the weather gets too cold, since a friend wants to join me in garage sale. This is a long way of saying that many of the easily disposable pieces of clothing have already been winnowed out, so I am still left with too much stuff, but it is stuff that I consider to be useful.

For example, I haven't been able to discard either new or good condition turtleneck jerseys, a staple of my winter wardrobe, even though I own about fifty of them. About a dozen of them are in drawers and get worn with some regularity. However I have some thirty or forty, mainly new ones, ( I should count them this weekend) stored in a trunk upstate. I figure that each year I will add a few new ones to the rotation and get rid of the ones that get stained or too worn. I can call this planning ahead, but it is dangerously close to being hoarding. I should just throw out some duplicate colors--I must have five or six pink ones. This is the part of decluttering I find hard, getting rid of perfectly good clothes. But then again, who needs six pink turtleneck shirts. This is something I need to work on if I truly want to declutter and not be ruled by my stuff.

So continuing the Clever Dude challenge I went through my drawers and closet looking for more stuff to get rid of, but as I noted it is getting harder. I cheated a bit and also am counting things like belts and wallets, as well as socks and scarves. However I will keep at it until I get rid of 132 pieces of clothing, or clothing related items like wallets and handbags.

10/17/2007--Ten belts, three pairs of shoes, four scarves, one sweater, three shirts, two wallets, two underwear. 25 items of clothing discarded. 86 pieces of clothing to go.

P.S. If anyone out there knows how to move the "Blogs I Read" list which is at the bottom of the page to the side of the page under the profile view link, I would appreciate the help. I am new to blogging and I could not find how to do it on Blogger's help screens.

ETA- I finally figured out how to drag the blog list to the sidebar area.

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