Tuesday, October 16, 2007

132 Pieces of Clothing Challenge

Yesterday, in one of the personal finance blogs I read, Clever Dude described how he and his wife went about discarding 132 items of clothing. Being suitably inspired, I've decided to set myself a challenge of getting rid of another 132 pieces of clothing that we own by the end of this week. I just finished checking the clothes my grown son had left in the closet of his old bedroom. There are at least 15 shirts in there. We still keep some of his clothes here for when he visits, but he certainly does not need that many shirts. I immediately decided that five of them can go, since he does not wear plaids. More will probably go once I talk with him. They are all in fine shape, and one of them still has tags on it from the Gap. Also in my son's dresser I found a 6 pack of Hanes briefs, unopened, in a size that is now too small for him. I will list the shirts and the unopened underwear on Freecycle.

Giving a quick look in my bedroom I found three pairs of my shoes and five of my blouses to discard. I didn't spend much time going through my room as my husband went to sleep early tonight, but I will look more tomorrow. This challenge will be fun. Thanks, Clever Dude.

10/16/2007--Five shirts, six blouses, three pairs shoes, six men's briefs, 1 faded Culinary Institute T-shirt . 21 items of clothing discarded. 111 pieces of clothing to go.

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