Saturday, December 8, 2007

Church Sale

There is a Catholic Church on my block that is having a flea market this weekend. Last Sunday I went through the apartment and pulled out all sorts of things to give them for their sale. I focused on the kitchen and in the process pulled out all my pots and pans and organized them neatly in the cabinets. They had, over the years, been put backed haphazardly after being used and were a messy pile. I wound up giving away to the church sale:
7 books
Toothbrush Sanitizer (an unused present)
CD Rack
4 pots and pans
1 milk pitcher (I still have 2 left and I usually just pour milk from the carton)
1 mug- never used
1 T-shirt- new
4 letter tray- new
1 Pyrex casserole dish
1 spring cake pan
1 never-used digital camera (1.2 pixels)

Today I noticed the several bottles of good wine I had sitting on top of out book shelves. They were mostly Mouton Cadet had been given to me over the years by the firm I worked at. I have had them for between six and twelve years without ever having opened them. I brought seven bottles over to the church. A productive decluttering week.

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